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In addition to our branded products, King Juice Company, Inc. provides co-packaging and private label services. Whether customers provide us with their proprietary formula or King Juice Company, Inc. offers a formulation, our flexibility, wide array of services and service options have proven to be a primary reason why customers have chosen King Juice Company, Inc. to fulfill their production needs.

King Juice Company's ability to provide extremely low production minimums allows entrepreneurs to "test the waters" when launching a product. For the established brands with higher volume requirements King Juice Company, Inc. has the ability to produce up to 30,000 gallons per shift.

King Juice Company, Inc. is versed in handling glass and plastic with a wide variety of bottling, capping, labeling and packing options.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to answering your questions as they pertain to your project.

• Understanding Customer Needs
• Quality Manufacturing

• Flexibility
• Low Production Minimums
• Wide Variety of Options
• Over 25 Years of Experience
• Quality Manufacturing


Labeling, Capping, Filling

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