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Summertime-1956, from the back of a storefront in the Old Hay Market on 5th & Vliet, Leonard Partee and I took the family recipe for BBQ and Secret Sauce and set-up shop right next to Milwaukee's undisputed champion of BBQ "Black King."

In the beginning, Leonard and I survived on the overflow from Black King. Word of our excellent BBQ, Secret Sauce, and Speedee service quickly spread and I was dubbed "The Speed Queen." Soon we had all the business we could handle and Black King was moving away.

From The Hay Market we moved to 12th & Vine and in 1975 we settled on the corner of 12th & Walnut where today with my three children, I still run the family business, proudly producing Milwaukee's finest barbecued meats using the largest BBQ pit in the city and our trademark secret sauces.

Now you can taste the Speed Queen experience with friends and family in the comfort of your own backyard. Whether you enjoy "Man, That's Hot" or "On the Mild Side," use my sauces for anything that you can put on the grill. Thank you, Enjoy, and God Bless.


The Sauce of all Sauces!

Sped Queen Bar-B-Q Sauce
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