Welcome to King Juice home of the original, and now famous, Calypso Lemonades! Through the years, our Original Lemonade grew in popularity. Bolstered by the response to our lemonade recipe, and inspired by the fruits, flavors and spirit of the islands, our Original Lemonade was given the name Calypso in 2000. Over the past twenty plus years our recipe has evolved into over a dozen lemonade and limeade combinations. All made with real lemon or lime bits, natural flavors, and served in a premium custom glass bottle. To hear more about Calypso and how to become your island self click the link below.



From national to international distribution, we at King Juice look to create and grow new opportunities as we expand on the foundation that was established over thirty years ago. Come join our team, as we work to build and grow our famous lemonade brand, Calypso!